los angeles dental spaBeginning a day with a smile is not a quote anymore, with Dr. Sanders as my personal dentist all is well. Im starting to feel good about myself and it reflects outwards with a glow. - Grace, Malibu
los angeles dental spai now have pearly white teeth. thanks to Dr. Sanders. Its like a dream, all those praise and attention coming from all my friends. having a great smile is so easy. - Ana, Encino

los angeles dental spaI really love this new smile. and i was so afraid of the dentist before. it really gave me shock that i never felt any pain. now things are really changing, Dr. Sanders is the only one you'll ever need. - Jeny, Santa Monica

los angeles dental spa


Dr. Melvin Sanders has a passion for his work that is evident to all of his patients. He is committed to providing the finest and most cutting edge dental care available. Because of this, Dr. Sanders has invested much of his time in professional development. He is a director of ExperDent Centers of Dental Excellence, an organization dedicated to providing advanced clinical training to dentists across the country, and has also been awarded several fellowships and awards.

los angeles dental spa


In a world where first impressions can be vital to personal as well as professional success, a radiant, confident, youthful smile is no longer about vanity…it's about common sense. Los Angeles Dentist, a leading expert in dental anti-aging techniques, has been creating some of the most fabulous, healthy smiles for men and women around the world for over seventeen years.


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los angeles dental spa
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Dr. Sanders


los angeles dental spa
You can trust the name Los Angeles Dental Spa to give you the perfect smile you want
Our Specialty is Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for patients in the Woodland Hills Area
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